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They come in all shapes and sizes: emotionally needy people, martyrs, hypochondriacs, those who deny reality, the compulsive helper, and the neurotic blamer. Find out more about what makes a person neurotic, and learn about famous neurotics in history. This is a primer on how to identify and deal with neurotic people and assess whether you are neurotic as well.

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Hacked By QNobodyQ
People Who Deny Reality
Famous Neurotics
Compulsive Talkers & How to Deal With Them
Understanding & Dealing With Compulsive Blaming
What is neurosis?
The Neurotic Nag
Social Vampirism: The Needy Personality
The Martyr Victim Complex Described
The Compulsive Helper & the Favor Trap
Neurotic Society
The Neurotic Personality
Neurotic Behavior Dissected
Hacked By QNobodyQ
About Meditation
Lies, Lies and More Lies
Abuse by Innuendo
Violating Personal Boundaries
Humiliation by Dirty Tricks
More Strategies of Humiliation
People Who Deny Reality
Criticism Meant to Hurt
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